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 October 7, 2002

McLarty Family Moves (cont'd)
is the Manager for Telephone Banking for Bank of America. Charlie is an architect in private practice.  The family is in the process of selling their home in Charlotte and is renting a condo in Ft. Mill.  They will be purchasing a home in Ft. Mill following the sale of their house in Charlotte.

Karen & Charles McLarty
141 Cedar Hollow North
Ft. Mill, SC 29715

(803) 548-0660

Family Adds 2 New Members
(Chico, CA)
  Rob & Mary Davis are the proud parents of two recent additions to the family tree.  Garret (2) and Alexandra (1).

Garrett &  Alexandra
Richard Braumiller passes (cont'd)
at Holy Trinity Church in Lynchburg, VA which Richard and Ellie were instrumental in raising the funding for.  He is survived by daughters Karen McLarty and Kristen Hancock and granddaughters Kate McKarty and Ellie Hancock.  Memorial gifts may be given to: Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Nature Conservancy, or Patrick Henry Boys and Girls Plantations.
Family You Didn't Know You Had. (cont'd)
  the Mather name is  a significant name in U.S. history.  John Mather is the patriarch of the family. The family tree has been traced back to the early 1500s. Among the significant contributions that the Mather family has made are the founding of Boston, Massachusetts, the Presidency of Harvard.  Establishment of many churches in the New England area.  The Mather family and its various branches are located in Kansas and Missouri..
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Garrett was born December 17th, 1999, Alexandra (Alex) was born March 7th, 2001.  Robert Nicklaus (Robbie) 15 is very proud of his new little sister.  Grandma Barbara enjoys having babies in the house.
  Rob & Mary  were married on July 5th, 2000 in Reno, NV. this is Rob's 3rd marriage and Mary's 1st.  Rob, Mary, Robbie, Garrett and Alexandra live in Chico, CA.  Chico is located about 90 miles north of Sacramento.

Adams Family News - Redone

(Lomita, CA)
 As you may have noticed the Adams Family Web Page has been redesigned to make it easier to navigate and to find what you are looking for. 
   Following a second trip to Charlotte, NC on business and spending time with Karen McLarty and then traveling to Lynchburg, VA and seeing Bill & Frances Lukens, Dick Braumiller and  Kristen Hancock.

 I realized that most of you don't haven't been to the web site.  I embarked on this major remake of the page.  Family Tree Maker has just released version 10, that is the software that I use to produce the family trees.  The new version used Adobe .pdf files to publish the family tree pages.  This will allow me to produce complete  has been redesigned to make it easier to put internet readable an printable family pages.  They will be formatted for putting in a binder.