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Updated 06/18/97

The Addams Family

Lurch in the conservatoryLurch in the conservatory. Color (71kb) jpg file.

Lurch going up the stairsLurch going up the stairs. Color (52kb) jpg file.

Lurch greets Cousin IttLurch greets Cousin Itt. Color (44kb) jpg file.

Addams Family Values

Lurch meets Debbie Lurch meets Debbie Color (60kb) jpg file.

Lurch holding the dart board Lurch holding the dart board Color (49kb) jpg file.

A dart's eye view A dart's eye view Color (50kb) jpg file.

Lurch swallows hard Lurch swallows hard Color (55kb) jpg file.

Lurch in the electric chair Lurch in the electric chair Color (39kb) jpg file.

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